OK, so I believe this photo needs some type of explanation. Last Saturday I went to Goodwill. There were 2 of these beautiful, gold colored, 3 foot tall, metal hookah pipes with very intricate designs (the pipes were not on it yet). I thought it would make a pretty lamp so I bought one. Matt took it to a hookah shop today. He was told the pipe was probably antique and very rare. They said it could be sold for at least $250! Matt bought the rest of the pieces/pipes and put it together, then he went back to Goodwill and bought the other one. I think we should have a hookah party before we sell them…

Tea cup cake stands

tea cup2We are going to make tea cup-cake stands out of these.  I bought everything for the first one at Goodwill for a total of $10 and everything for the second one at T.J. Maxx Home Goods for a total of $20.  Both sets are mismatched but I think they go together beautifully.  We will post photos of them when we finish them.

tea cup1

Here are the finished products… What do you think?

teac cup cake stand final