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I started this Blog for my friends and family, however, the more the merrier!  Please let me know what you think!


My name is Ellen.  My husband is Matt.  We met at work.  Believe it or not we are both Police Officers.  We were partners for over three years.  We love our jobs… but we also have so many other things that are important to us that we would love to share with you…

Matt is 5 years younger than I am… yep that’s right… I am kind of a cougar.  We have a daughter who is a nurse and we have 4 grand-kids… although we are grandparents, many times over, we are actually both still in our 40′s. Here are some photos of our beautiful, wonderful, smart, silly grandkids:   


Funny story: Matt and I were invited to an 80′s party (WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE EIGHTIES!)… we went to the thrift store to buy outfits to wear.  We each went into the try-on room with our picks.  When we came out… HOLY MOLY… we realized if we had met back then… we would have never even spoken to each other!  It was so funny!  He was all like”preppy” and/or  ”sporty” and I was all like “stoner” and/or “burnout”…

Ellen‘s story:  I was born in New Jersey.  My mother was 46 when I was born and my dad was 50.  My parents loved shopping at thrift stores and filled my childhood home with antiques.  My mother loved collecting things, antique or not, and she definitely passed that trait onto me.  My mom and dad were always so excited when they found something in someone’s trash they were able to re-do.  I remember growing up that whenever anyone would come to over to our home for the first time, my parents would show them around the whole house while pointing out all of “their projects” that they were so proud of.  It is funny because now Matt and I do the exact same thing!

Matt’s story:  I was born in Missouri.  As with Ellen, my parents were both creative and innovative in the areas of construction and crafts. They were always making improvements to our home and/or creating something to support us kids in our scouting and many sports teams.  During my senior year in high school  I attended a construction school for half the day which was just the beginning!  Since then I have learned through trial and error… building my skills as I go.

Matt and I realized right away, we both had the re-do, re-purpose and re-imagine bug.  We found the HGTV  Network and started watching all of the “O.G.” designer shows… our favorite was Trading Spaces.  That was a while ago… the shows have gotten a lot better since then and so has our taste.

Lately I have become totally addicted to Pinterest.  A lot of what you will see on this site was something I saw first on Pinterest.

So… Although I am a little embarrassed to share this information, here are my favorite TV shows (not in any particular order):
The Voice
Long Island Medium
Project Runway
Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta and New Jersey Criminal Minds
Ink Master Flipping Out
Dr. Phil
Major Crimes
Say Yes to the Dress
American Horror Story

My favorite movies:
The Breakfast Club
Heart and Souls
Get Him to the Greek
Pretty Woman
How Stella Got her Groove Back

My favorite TV designers are Candace Olsen, Genevieve Gorder and Hilary Farr.


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  1. Nicki Janusik says:

    You both are made for each other! Your super creative ,loving, beautiful people. Keep making each other number one in your lives, I LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!!

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