Bathroom is Finally Done!

 It took 4 years… but it was worth it!  

The first 3 pictures are the “before”. You can see the little closet to the left of the vanity that we added to the bathroom. We took out the tub and replaced it with a large shower. We took out the glass block window and put in that skinny vertical window. Basically we replaced everything, including the drywall. 

   The next 2 pictures are of Matt and Olivia doing the demo.  

It took forever but I finally found the perfect tile.


I found the large buffet that we used as a vanity at The Crowded House. 


The mirrors and lights are from T J Max Home Goods. 

The door on the shower was $20.00 at Stardust Building Supply. 


The faucets were on clearance for $50.00 a piece at Home Depot. 



Vintage Window with Antique Wedding Book

I bought this window for $15.00 from a window company which had just replaced the original windows in a house built in the 1950′s, in northwest Phoenix. 

I bought an antique “wedding book” from Goodwill (just like a baby book but to document a wedding, not a baby). I took some of the pages out and attached them to the window. The wedding book had information in it regarding the couple who originally used it when they were wed in Michigan in March of 1919. That information is still visible on the back side of the window.   


Extra pieces…

This is from an antique secretary/hutch/desk we got at Goodwill.  We have decided to get rid of the desk function of the piece and make it more of a bar/hutch.  We are going to use this piece of it for our own office area. Matt put it back together and then painted it with Annie Sloan, Provence, chalk paint.  So cute and lots of beautiful details!!